Our Departments

Why Kentland Stands Out.

Our town is comprised of multiple, excellent departments that are dedicated to providing our residents the very best quality of life. Each and every person in their respective departments is committed to your good. Being a small enough town, you have the opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level. Whether it’s one of our volunteer firemen, a police officer or our Town Clerk, you’ll experience how much they care about Kentland!

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Meet Our Town Council

This passionate group is committed to seeing Kentland become greater with every passing day.

Our Departments Headshot, Town Board Member Debby Shufflebarger 500x500

Debby Shufflebarger

Board President

Our Departments, Headshot of Town Board President Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe

Board Member

Our Departments Headshot, Town Board Member James Sammons 500x500

James Sammons

Board Member

Meet Our Town Officials

This team of dedicated leaders has made it their mission to make a bold difference in Kentland.

Our Departments Headshot, Clerk-Treasurer Judy King 500x500

Judy King

Clerk & Treasurer

Our Departments Headshot, Town Attorney Patrick Ryan 500x500

Patrick Ryan

Town Attorney

Our Departments Headshot, Deputy Marshall Richard "Ricky" Hughes 500x500

Richard “Ricky” Hughes

Town Manager

Public Works Department, Headshot of Richard "Rick" Purdy

Richard “Rick” Purdy

Public Works

Our Departments Headshot, Public Works Sam Dewing 500x500

Sam Dewing

Public Works

Our Departments Headshot, Utility Clerk Andrea Standish 500x500

Andrea Standish

Utility Clerk

Our Departments Headshot, Town Marshall Julian Elson 500x500

Julian Elson

Town Marshal

Our Departments Headshot, Fire Chief Matt Wittenborn 500x500

Matt Wittenborn

Fire Chief

Yellow Headshot Template Favicon 500x500

Dustin Standish

Assistant Chief

It’s Time to Soar


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Keeping Us On Track

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Building Lifelong Memories


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New & Strong Beginnings


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