Our Community

You can find us in Jefferson Township on the western edge of Central Indiana, bordering the Illinois State Line.

We’re a diamond in the rough, ideally positioned 85 miles south of Chicago and 105 miles north of Indianapolis. Our longstanding history dates all the way back to 1860 with a man named Alexander J Kent. During that year, Jasper and Newton had become separate counties, and Kentland was designated as the Newton County Seat. This was during an era of tremendous growth for America. The railroads were pushing westward, and all along their tracks towns were beginning to form.

Over 150 Years of History

As settlers like Alexander J. Kent arrived in the Newton County area, they took hold of large land holdings for roughly $1.00 per acre, and only the most passionate had the strength to settle the wet prairie. With over half the local population on Alexander’s payroll as herdsmen and field hands, they were able to make the land productive with great ease. Jump ahead to current day and you can see the strong foundation that was laid before us: one where a quality of life, strong sense of community and dedicated spirit live on.


Possessing a strong Midwest identity, Kentland is a small, welcoming, and affordable town to live and raise a family in. Our community maintains a close-knit atmosphere and takes great pride in caring for each other.


We take pride in our great quality of life, enjoying friends, family, casual recreation, and outdoor activities. Our top-notch school system, beautiful downtown, and parks are just a few of the amenities that make our residents so happy.


Long-time residents, businesses, and our local government are focused on forging a bright future for Kentland. This ongoing investment is part of who we are. 

What makes Kentland so special? It’s our quality of life.

There’s a friendliness that accompanies our little slice of Indiana. Everything is within walking distance (or driving distance, if you prefer to use your golf cart). We can let our children ride their bikes all across town, all day long, and trust without a shadow of a doubt that they’re safe.

Our residents are passionate and driven to see life become better with every amazing Kentland sunset. When we want to get out for a drive and see the world, we access major roadways like US Route 41/52 and US 24 to quickly get to where we’re going. Our school systems and sports programs for kids are top-tier. If you want to dress up for a nice meal, you can enjoy fine dining in our downtown courthouse square, and if one of our creative community events is happening at the same time, you’ll have the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with the ones who matter most to you. There’s so much more to be said, but we’ll leave the joy of exploring what Kentland has to offer up to you.

Bringing People Together


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Where Our Town Converges

Town Hall

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Building Lifelong Memories

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A Downtown with Character


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A Wealth of Knowledge

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Top-Tier Education

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A Community of Belief


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