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We’ve gathered all of the common yet important questions that have been asked by Kentland residents over the years. If you ever need more information, you can always visit the Town Hall for help. We’re also happy to provide the exact ordinances for our town’s guidelines that are listed below. All you have to do is ask!

Sanitation Information

Trash pickup begins at 6:30am. We find it best to place trash at the curb on the morning of pick up. Placing your trash at the curb the night before pickup is risky, because it gives animals an opportunity to tear it all up and leave you a mess! Residential pick-up is on Tuesday’s for properties south of Dunlap Street and east of 4th Street. The remaining residential pick-up is on Wednesday’s. If a holiday falls on Tuesday or Wednesday, trash pick is pushed back a day.

All trash, refuse and ashes you want collected by the town need to be placed in a metal or plastic container that’s equipped with a cover and handles, or a similar device that can be lifted and carried by one person. Your trash container must have a capacity of more than 10 gallons and less than six 30 gallon (six 30 gallon containers is the maximum amount you may put out without obtaining excess trash charges).

It’s actually unlawful to leave trash or other material open to decay in the town (other than leaves or grass). Trash needs to be kept in a tightly covered metal or plastic container.
When in doubt, bag everything and place it in a covered container. The town will not clean up loose trash or contents of broken and torn bags. It’s actually unlawful to cause or allow dust, ashes or trash to accumulate and then be blown away by the wind.
Simply put, refuse involves earth and wastes from building operations. This doesn’t include solid wastes resulting from industrial processes and manufacturing operations such as food processing wastes, boiler-house cinders, lumber, scraps and shavings.
If your trash, refuse or ashes find their way on any public street or alley in the town, please clean it up and place it back in your trash container. For more info, please reference 1983 Code, 6-19(d).
Yes, provided below is a list of common bulk items we take, as well as their additional removal charges.

Upholstered chair = $10
Regular sofa-not sleeper = $20
Twin mattress = $10
Twin box spring = $10
Rug = $10
Carpeting or padding = $10 – $50

While the list could go on, this gives you an idea regarding the range of cost. These fees are charged on your next water bill. Also, you can take a pick-up load to the landfill in Brook on the 1st Saturday of each month and dump free of charge as long as you’re a Newton County resident.

Appliances, computers, or TV’s cannot be picked up. You can dispose of them free of charge at the Newton County Highway Department in Morocco. For hours, please contact the County garage.
Tires, batteries, paint cans and other hazardous materials can be disposed of periodically with the county. Watch for announcements on our website for collection dates.
Newton County offers SINGLE-stream recycling collection sites in each town. SINGLE-stream recycling means residents don’t need to sort/separate their recyclable items. Recyclable items just need to be clean and compacted.

The following items are ACCEPTED:

Corrugated/Smooth Cardboard
Clear, Green, and Brown Glass.
Paper, Magazines, Newspapers.
Steel and Aluminum Cans.
Plastics: # 1-5 and #7 (NO #6 Plastics/Styrofoam.

Residents can drop off their clean and recyclable items 24 hours a day at 109 West Dunlap Street.

Brush removal is offered on an on-call basis. There will be a charge issued for large brush removal. You must call in to the Town Hall prior to Friday to be put on the removal list for that week. Brush service is performed on Friday mornings.

Absolutely! Six 30 gallon yard bags can be picked up per week at no additional charge. All you have to do is place this refuse out on the same day as your regular trash removal day.

Keeping your weeds under control is important. It’s unlawful for any owner, proprietor, tenant or occupant of any lot, or tract of land wholly or in part within the corporate limits of the town, to allow, suffer or permit weeds, briers, willows or noxious plants of any kind or character to be, remain or grow along or upon the ½ part or portion of any street, alley or public highway adjacent to or bordering on the lot or tract of land.
It’s unlawful for the owner, occupant, or lessee of any lot or parcel of lot of real estate within the Town of Kentland to allow, suffer, or permit any grass, weed, or other rank vegetation to grow or mature to exceed a height of eight (8) inches upon any such premise. A violation of this results in a written abatement notice in the form of a door hanger. This is served to the owner of the property, granting them seven days to resolve the issue. If no resolution is found after seven days, then the Town of Kentland may rectify any nuisance and issue the owner a minimum fee of one hundred fifty ($150) that will be added on the monthly utility bill. Also, if the Town of Kentland suffers any damage to the equipment in maintaining the owner’s property due to debris, the owner is liable for any repairs.

Basic Utility Information

Utility bills are issued on the 1st of the month and are due on the 15th of each month. Bills are always issued for the prior month’s usage.
Yes, a 10% penalty fee is taken into consideration if your utility bill is not paid on or before the close of business by the 15th day of every month.
If your service is shut off due to nonpayment, a $20 reconnection fee is issued per incident.
If you issue a check issued to the municipality and it is returned due to insufficient funds, we do issue a $20 non-sufficient fund fee per incident.
Yes, a charge of $150 per applicable account is required for all rental tenants.
Residential water tap = $400.00
Residential sewer tap = $300.00
Commercial water tap = $400.00
Commercial sewer tap = $350.00

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